Pinball Decals, Inc. is a small corporation owned and operated by Joey Lipovsky. I am a collector myself
with currently 14 machines in my game room as of January 2018. Pinball Decals started up in 2007 as a
full time job - with our mission to serve the market with only the best of the best. Most of our parts are
manufactured by us, we also have a large stock of NOS and licensed new reproduction parts as well as
distribute parts from other very creative people in the industry.

We are also the Exclusive North American Distributor for PDI Glass - a simply MUST HAVE upgrade for
your beautiful machines. PDI is also the Exclusive North American Distributor for all of Pinball Dreams
Products, and we also have partnered with OPTIFLUX in Germany to bring you what we consider to be
the BEST QUALITY LED's and LED Products in the world!!!

Many thanks to all of our customers, without you we would not be able to support ourselves in this small
market of the custom pinball parts world and this website would not be possible.
Cheers my friends, and once again - Thank you all for making this possible.

If your Payment goes through - you will get an auto email from PayPal. This serves as your email confirmation of your order. You send it - we get it. We are not setup to
take credit cards directly - but all major credit cards can be accepted through
PayPal super easy, with or without a PayPal account. We run a "Old School"
website - Makes it very unique and cool, but keep in mind it is not a typical
ecommerce website. So keep in mind again of the shipping charges explained
above. We will only have access to the exact Email Address associated with
your PayPal Account / Order - so any communication will be via that email
address. Keep an eye out on that same exact email address for Tracking Emails,
Refunds for any excessive shipping charges, and also for additional PayPal Invoices
for any extra shipping charges that may apply for your order!
All items on our website are IN STOCK - and Ready to Ship. If there is an
"Add to Cart" Button for that item - we have it ready to go. We no longer do
backorders - So the website is kept UP TO DATE and all items are
EXACTLY as Pictured and Described.