These are WMS/BALLY - BRASS COIN DOOR Complete Brand New WPC-95 Assemblies. There are 9 Pieces that have been Highly Polished ( And them Some ) - Brass Electroplated, as well as all the Bezels and Coin Rejection Flaps. The Back of the Doors have been Cleaned and Refinished with a Smooth Textured Black Powder Finish. They come with 4 Brass Coin Door Carriage Bolts Required for Installation. There were NO Corners Cut on these Doors…they are First Class All the Way. 99.9% FLAWLESS

They will Turn your Machine into an even more Stunning Work of Art. They look Fantastic even if you do not have Complete Brass Kits on your Machine. Even a Two-Tone look - Looks Incredible on all Pinball Machines. The Williams WPC-95 will also fit on WPC-93 Machines. For other Machines - Slight Adjustments / Modifications may be required in order for these to fit it correctly.
Simply Beautiful Works of Art, Each Meticulously Hand-Made in the USA.

Williams / Bally Brass Coin
Door Complete Assembly