Pinball Decals, Inc. - Is proud to introduce NEW Optiflux LED's. We have been working on this project for over a year now - and are bringing you what we consider to be the BEST - L.E.D.
For use in all Pinball Machines.

Optiflux LED's are Made in Germany - NOT CHINA or INDIA. They are manufactured using ONLY the Highest Quality Components in the Industry.

Why does this matter? NO FLICKERING. NO GHOSTING. These also don't produce a Blinding Brightness, and Create a Rich - Vibrant Color.

Optiflux Series LED's Have Integrated Capacitors and Load Resistors,
which provide Reliable Function Performance.

- LED's come on only when they should.
- LED's are smooth powered up and down.


*** PLEASE NOTE *** - That any type of currently produced Pinball LED in the Entire Market will experience some slight "Flickering" on certain machines that perform " DIMMING" modes - Mainly in attract modes. This happens only on a very few select machines. It is impossible to acheive flawless function due to a needed direct steady current - again like all LED's in the market. They will fuction flawless only to a certain amount of low voltage - then they may "Flicker". Regular Incandesecent Bulbs can dim with severe power old school regular hot wire light bulbs. In most cases, especially in the Backglass, etc.....this can even be considered a rather Cool New Effect! Also please note that the Optiflux series LED's are intended for PLAYFIELD INSERTS ONLY. This is where they perform Flawlessly and to all the above performance outputs / specifications. Use the G.I Flux or the Frosted Dome type of LED that we also sell - For all your Backglass and General Illumination Applications. ***


Additional Optiflux Benefits:
- Performs Flawlessly  in Stern Machines  and in Solid State Machines (Bally/Stern like Fathom or Meteor).