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Iron Man
Target Decal Set
Custom Hand Cast
Iron Man Shooter Rod
Iron Man
PDI Instruction Card Set
Iron Man
Whiplash Figure w/ Chest LED and EL Wire Whips $224.99

Iron Man
War Machine Figure w/ Chest LED and Cannon LED $149.99

Iron Man
Monger Figure w/ Chest LED
Iron Man
Tan Drone Figure w/ LED


Iron Man
Backbox Lightning Kit
Iron Man
Air Assault Drone Mod
With LED
Iron Man - Ultimate Jet Bumper
Cap Upgrade Kit. Comes with
Custom Clear CNC Plastics,
Custom Metal Bumper Caps,
and Special LED's.
VERY Professional - Top of
the Line Quality.

Iron Man
Emblem Shooter Rod
PDI - CUSTOM Illuminated
LED Speaker Insert Upgrade
Kit. Plug and Play Design.
Awesome New Effect !!!
These are Red Mirror w/
Accents - and Light up Red! $149.99