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Star Trek - Stern
Into The darkness
PDI - Custom Target Decal Set
Stern Star Trek -Upgraded x4
Blue LEDs Enterprise Ship Mod,
with Engine Side Lights. Upgrade for the LE or Add-On for the Pro
Model. Includes Standing Custom
Bracket and All Professional
Connectors for "Plug and Play"
Easy Install. $234.99
Stern Star Trek - Vengeance Ship
Visor Shield Mod with a much
better Custom LED. Slide in the
Visor and it looks Finished.
Quick swap out of the Flasher.


Stern - Star Trek Pro
Backbox Lightning Kit
Stern - Star Trek LE
Backbox Lightning Kit
Stern - Star Trek [ PinGraffix ]
Inside Cabinet Decal Set

ULTIMATE - Illuminated
LED Speaker Insert Upgrade
Kit. Plug and Play Design.
Awesome New Effect !!!
These are Gloss Black - and
Light up any Color! $129.99