Made by the Leader in Pinball LED Technology - Optiflux; Pinball Decals, Inc. has brought to you NEW - INTERACTIVE LED Light Kits for our Translucent 3/4" Plexiglass Replacement Backboards for Game Specific Machines. These have several awesome features - VERY PROFESSIONALLY MADE.

These are "Plug and Play" - LED Light Kits that come with Molex "Piggy Back" Connectors that connect easily to your existing circuit board connectors. These make the Backboard Interactive - when Flashes occur on the Playfield, it triggers the Flash LED strips installed on the back of the backboard behind the images of the Graphics! Plus these include an "Always On" General Illumination long LED strip for the top ( or underneath for different machines ) that stay on all the time - Which includes a dimmer switch for custom brightness level control. AMAZING UPGRADE TO YOUR MACHINE!!!