This is the complete set.
=====> Super Custom Detail <=====
*** CUSTOM - DIE CUT ***

These are not made of cheap thin vinyl and will not stretch or wear easily. They are hand made under a very difficult and expensive process and are all custom die cut. The back of the decals have a Center Cut Indentation - Which Allows the Sticker to Rest Smoothly over the Rivet!!! They also add protection to your target faces from becoming damaged, dirty and black - without taking away from the speed by being too thick. They are covered with 5 mil mylar for Extreme Durability ( 5 Mil Mylar is all that is needed, and a thicker clear would make them more dull and cloudy over time - just like too much clear coat on your playfield ) - Which also adds a great shine.
Fantastic Improvement to your Machine !!!


Scared Stiff
PDI - Custom Target Decal Set


Peel and stick...

Right over the rivet!