This is a Gold Custom Kit for your The Addams Family Gold Pinball Machine. It can also be used on regular Addams Family Pinball Machines. These new reproduction pieces and NOS pieces have been GOLD metalized - EXTREMELY DURABLE. This expensive process is very similar to electro-plating, and will not scratch or wear easily. This kit comes with 4 Standard Gold Jet Bumper Caps, 1 Modified Gold Jet Bumper Cap, 3 regular WMS Logo Gold Flippers, 1 small Gold Flipper , 2 complete Gold Flipper Buttons , 1 Gold Round Turntable Base, 1 Gold Bookcase Frame, 1 Gold Bookcase Top, 1 Gold Electric Chair, & 1 Gold Start Button Assembly. All 16 total pieces are included with this kit.
The Addams Family Gold Kit