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Incredible New Feature!
Custom RED LED's
Installed in his Eye's!


The Addams Family Bear Rug:
This hand-crafted, hand-painted Bear Rug Mod features a combination of Fiber Optics and a Red LED to light up the tiny detailed eyes that interact with game play! A faux finish on each rug showcases the true details of the fur, texture and color to give the mod a more realistic "Bear" look.  This mod looks incredible installed in the game and is a true upgrade to the previous bear rug mods of the past.

Easy on-off connectors make installation SUPER Easy!
This mod easily installs underneath the playfield, requires no drilling, soldering, or permanent changes to your machine.  It comes with everything you need to install the mod, to include detailed, step-by-step instructions with pictures.  

The Addams Family Bear Rug Mod 4.0