Exact Replica!
Cool White Head Lights LED's

GREEN - Interior LED Installed!
Incredible Detail!

This handmade work of art is an almost exact replica of the original Addams Family Limo found on the
backglass of the pinball machine.  Made with a custom-fitted bracket, allowing for countless installation
locations. It comes with a custom made wiring harness with an easy-on/off block connector, allowing for an
easy installation ( no forcing giant alligator clips through small playfield hole openings ). Cool white bright
LED's are installed in the headlights and are INTERACTIVE. It also features a GREEN LED in the Interior,
which stays on all of the time! NOTE = Installed Picture is older version.
Newest version is " Item " picture in the top left of this page.

 The installation of this modification requires no drilling, soldering, or permanent changes to your machine. It comes with everything you need to install the mod, including detailed installation instructions with pictures.
INCREDIBLE Craftsmanship to make this mod - Killer NEW Upgrade for your machine!

The Addams Family
Black Limo Mod