Incredible Hand Sculpted Detail!
Custom Light Bulb LED
installed in his Mouth!


The Addams Family Uncle Fester:

This mod is a completely new design that showcases a classic, realistic, and unforgettable version of Uncle Fester, which is sure to add a classy touch to your TAF or TAFG machine! This detailed, hand-sculpted, hand-painted figure showcases a memorable and iconic Uncle Fester with a light bulb in his mouth.  A single diffused yellow LED has been permanently set inside the body of the mod. 

The mod was created and tested using the chair as the reference point; this was to ensure the mod sits and fits properly in the chair. Take note of his features, giving attention specifically to his face, placement of his arms and hands propped upon the arms of the chair, as well as the robe - all are intricately and realistically detailed to illustrate a proportionate Uncle Fester. Mod comes with detailed installation instructions with pictures.


The Addams Family Uncle Fester Mod 4.0