Dual Magic Wand Mod
Comes with Custom CNC Acrylic Brackets for Super Easy Install!

Each Operates Independently - Fully
Interactive. Comes on and Flashes during the Ball Save - Hocus Pocus!!!

Here is the re-launch of the dual wand mod for the "amazing" Theatre Of Magic Pinball. It consists of two custom made wands that replicate the ones on the playfield, these are hand crafted from aluminium and mounted on laser cut acrylic brackets.

Both wands are carefully positioned as not to interfere with gameplay visibility but on the flip side enhance the awesome dual ball save feature on this game, both wands work independently, each tip lights up when the corresponding ball save is active creating a fully interactive visual along with some eye candy for your machine.

This is a nicely balanced mod which locks perfectly into the gameplay
creating a totally original effect.

Only one ball save is active at any one time - Only one wand is active at any one time.

Theatre of Magic
Dual Magic Wand Mod