Fully Lighted Town Square Street Light
-- Blue LED Frost Version --
Comes w/ New Post and Rubber
for Easy Install!

This is a custom made working street light for your Twilight Zone Pinball machine. It is a high quality, solid brass
post that has been cut to the perfect height. It is fitted wih a frosted dome lamp shade. It has a BLUE Super bright
LED installed. Pre-wired, super easy installation. It lights up when the "Town Square" door panel lights up.The
post comes with a new rubber attached to the bottom for superb functionality. Simply unscrew your existing post
and replace it with this one. Comes with a quick disconnect to allow ease of installation as well.
Super modification - Incredible upgrade to your machine!

NOTE = Installed Pictures below show older version.
New version is item pictured above - much better than seeing the LED inside! =)

Lights Up when the "Town Square" Door Panel
Light comes on!!!

Plug & Play. Comes with new Light Socket that is pre-soldered! Easy Installation! No permenant changes are necessary. Install in minutes!
Limited Availibility!!!
Twilight Zone Blue LED
Frosted Lamp Street Light Mod