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PDI - Custom Target Decal Set
AC / DC Custom Reverse Printed Under Ramp Decal Set
AC/DC Custom
Hand Cast Shooter Rod
AC/DC - Custom Superior
Black Smoke Powdercoated
KILLERNew LED Lightning
Bolts!!! Fully Interactive as
they should have been from
the Factory. Complete Easy to
Install Plug and Play Kits.
Set of 3 Included. Full
replacement for Stern Part

AC / DC Pro Optiflux LED
Playfield Inserts Set ( 45 Pieces )
AC/DC - Ultimate Jet Bumper
Cap Upgrade Kit. Comes with
Custom Clear CNC Plastics,
Custom Metal Bumper Caps,
new spacer, and Special LED's.
VERY Professional - Top of
the Line Quality.


PDI - CUSTOM Illuminated
LED Speaker Insert Upgrade
Kit. Plug and Play Design.
Awesome New Effect !!!
These are Clear w/ Accent -
and Light up Red!

AC / DC [ PinGraffix ]
Inside Cabinet Decal Set