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PDI - Custom Target Decal Set
Avenger - Hulk LE
Custom Hand Cast Shooter Rod
Avenger Pro and Avenger LE's
Custom Sheild Shooter Rod
Avengers - Hulk LE
Purple EL Wire Kit Mod
Avenger - Hulk LE - Extreme
Green Harware Upgrade Kit
Avengers Premium and LE's - Custom Upgraded Sling Shot Plastics Set $49.99
Avengers Pro - Optiflux LED
Playfield Inserts Set ( 62 Pieces )


Avengers LE, and Premium
Loki w/ Cube and Sign
Upgrade Kit

Avengers LE, Pro, Premium
Custom Tesseract Cube 2.0v
with Dual LED Reflector Kit
Avengers - Hulk LE
Lightning Backbox Kit
Avengers Pro and LE
Custom Metal / Chrome
Shield Pop Bumper Cap Kit
Avengers Pro and LE's Thor
Mod. Lighted LED Hammer
and includes Custom Bracket.
Plug and Play. $134.99
Emblem Shooter Rod
Avengers - Custom Hand Cast
Dark Blue Met. Shooter Rod
Avengers - Custom Hand Cast
Light Blue Met. Shooter Rod
Avengers - Custom Hand Cast
Goldish Green Met. Shooter Rod
PDI - CUSTOM Illuminated
LED Speaker Insert Upgrade
Kit. Plug and Play Design.
Awesome New Effect !!!
These are Clear Mirror - and
Light up Blue! $149.99